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Our shoe selection is designed to give you a wide selection of the best running shoes on the market. The shoes that we carry are selected through an extensive process, ensuring that we have a comfortable shoe for all foot types. Our gimmick-free fit process means that you will leave with a shoe that you love and an understanding of why that shoe works for you.

At Phidippides:

We are unsurpassed in the simplicity and effectiveness of pairing feet to the most appropriate footwear. With our experienced staff of running enthusiasts, we are trained to analyze your full bio-mechanics as well as your shoe preferences. Our process is methodical yet straight forward. In addition, we take into account other critical factors like previous injuries and performance goals so that we may fit you for the best shoe possible. In the end, our return customers find time and time again that with the proper fitting footwear they are less prone to injury and are more efficient athletes. And that’s the biggest testament as to why we are able to remain in business as the oldest specialty running store in the world.

Our fit process is unparalleled in its ability to not only get you in the right pair of shoes but help you understand and visually see why that’s the right shoe!

The steps are simple:
1 – Come into Phidippides when it’s convenient for you

2 – Come in with a pair of socks equivalent to what you’d wear while running

3 – We will go through your history and evaluate your feet with the 5 time-tested components of your foot, foot function, and shoe preferences

4 – Using your foot profile, we will find the best shoes for you given our assessment of each shoe you try on and how they feel on your foot

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