Virtual Shoe Consultation

Want to make sure that you're in the right shoes or need advice on your next pair of shoes? Phidippides has you covered. Book now to set up a FREE (with shoe purchase) virtual shoe consultation!

The steps are simple:
1 - Make sure that you have a device that's video-chat capable (Facebook, Facetime, Skype, etc) and an reliable internet connection

2 - Have a place where you can run a few steps (or a treadmill) that is well-lit and able to be viewed from your phone

3 - Gather your latest shoes and be ready to discuss what you have liked and disliked about those models

4 - Be ready to run in your current shoes and any older models you might have, with pants or shorts that do not cover you ankles

5 - We'll go through our "Phidip ID" shoe fitting process - evaluating your needs and desires in our 5 time-tested categories, and get you into a shoe that works with your foot profile

The Phidip ID is a new way to visualize your shoe personality - we take you through the 5 key metrics that determine what shoes are correct for your feet (and personality!) We use the time-tested evaluation process that has kept Phidippides customers coming back for 40 years and have quantified each of the important aspects of the foot, body, and runner preference to make the evaluation process both fun and accurate.

Consultations are usually $20 (free with any shoe purchase), but we're here for all runners during these challenging times! Make an appointment below,
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COVID-19 Special - $20 FREE!

Can't get out to a store? We can help!


On any purchase above $90

All You Need

Is your smartphone or camera-equipped computer and a pair of shoes

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Phidip ID
Phidip ID